Personal options

We offer the possibility to personalize many of the design aspects of your hytte, be it Laftehytte or Stavlaft styles.

Whether you desire traditional wood carving, doors with individual motifs or for us to incorporate the name you have given your hytte into some of the design elements, we are able to accommodate your wishes with a wide range of craftsmen delivering customized solutions.

Below you will find a general outline of some of the products we offer, however, please contact us if you have any other ideas and wishes so that we may better provide your dream hytte.

Tar is a natural antiseptic. It can be made out of birch bark, wood stump and softwood. You can get more tar from damp wood.
Tar is used in medicine industry for making medicaments. In past people used tar in production of petrol and paint.
We offer you the tar from birch bark. It is natural antiseptic; it soaks deep in the wood and protects your cottage against the insects and harmful forces of the atmosphere.
The spots of tar can be cleaned with white spirit, petrol and paraffin oil.

Birch bark may be used in covering the roof. It looks esthetical; also the birch bark is a natural hydro insulation.

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