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Baltaz UAB Production Facilities

Located near Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania, Baltaz has over 3000 m2 of production facilities employing skilled tradesmen and utilizing traditional techniques to ensure quality and precision.

We believe that by starting with high quality raw materials and then having control over the entire process by working in house in our own production facility, we can better ensure that the quality we deliver is high and more easily monitored and maintained.

All Baltaz uab products are manufactured to exacting levels of quality and then pre-constructed to ensure fit and finish before being marked and packed for transport. This enables us to ensure that the construction process on site is made easier and any problems minimized, whether we deliver a building set or undertake the construction for you.

Baltaz welcome prospective customers to visit our facilities to inspect our processes and techniques. We can arrange accommodation and other aspects of your visit to ensure a productive and enjoyable time.


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